Events & News

EPE’21 ECCE Europe

Date: 08/09/2021
Location: Virtual

Mebtu Beza presented a conference paper at the 3rd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE’21 ECCE Europe). The presentation was online due to the COVID-19 travel limitation during 2021. He analyzed the passivity characteristics due to different control parameters of a grid-forming converter. The results where obtained in both simulations and an experimental set-up.

Third Consortium meeting

Date: 21/10/2020
Location: Virtual

This year a virtual Consortium meeting have been organized without affecting the initial schedule. In particular, the current progress of the project was discussed and our colleagues presented a summary of the technical work developed since the last meeting. Since this is the 3rd year of the project, there are already very interesting contributions.

The Green Talks

Date: 15/07/2020
Location: Virtual

GPM organized a series of Webinars where several experts discuss about the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy integration. Our colleagues Oriol Gomis (UPC), Carlos Pacheco and Luis Serrano (GPM) participated in a session called “PPC, Energy Management System & Dynamic Simulations” where they discussed about topics related to PVTOOL.

PSCC 2020

Date: 07/07/2020
Location: Virtual

Gustavo Pinares presented a conference paper at the Power Systems Computation Conference 2020. The presentation was online due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. He presented a independent channel design approach for stability analysis of VSC-connected systems. Gustavo had a different and interesting experiencience attending his first online conference.

Second Consortium meeting

Date: 23/10/2019
Location: GPM, Barcelona, Spain

GPM hosted the second Consortium meeting of the project. The current and future tasks were discussed, Jose Montero and Gustavo Pinares presented their current research work. Also, future publications were discussed as potential collaborations among the project members.

IECON 2019

Date: 14-17/10/2019
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Gustavo Pinares presented a conference paper in the IEEE 45th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society where he explained an methodology to analysed stability in VSC-connected systems using impedance-based tools.

Solar Integration Workshop 2019

Date: 15-16/10/2019
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Jose Montero presented a conference paper in the Solar Integration Workshop about potential interactions in large-PV power plants when the Power Plant Controller speed is modified and considering impact of communication delays.

Intersolar Europe 2019

Date: 15-17/05/2019
Location: Munich, Germany

GPM has attented the Intersolar Europe conference where they explained the objectives and activities of the project to several members of the solar industry

First Consortium meeting

Date: 22/10/2018
Location: UPC, Barcelona, Spain

The members of the consortium (UPC, GPM and Chalmers) organised the first face-to-face where the researchers involved in the project presented their scientific background and the ongoing tasks.

Kick-off meeting

Date: 13/09/2018
Online meeting

The members of the consortium (UPC, GPM and Chalmers) organised a first online meeting of the project to review the objectives, work package content and decide the next steps based on the proposal.